• Vanessa Moessner

New (Old) Location

Can I tell you a story?

I started Lily Pad Lab in 2013. My youngest son was 7 mos old. I found a big, beautiful space to hold preschool parent/child classes and off I went building a business.

I loved this space! All three of my kids spent so much time with me there and my youngest spent the first 3 years of his life being my business partner, being there with me everyday. I met so many wonderful families and I got the chance to watch their families grow with mine.

But as LPL started to grow so did the time I needed to spend there. After three years I knew I needed to step back to be able to be the mom I wanted to be.

As I was making the decision about what to do with my beloved business I met Nick Poss, the owner of the Eau Claire Music School. He was open to the Lily Pad Lab using a classroom in his building. I was able to scale back on LPL classes and the extra work in having my own location by moving into the Music School. I am so grateful to Nick for that opportunity. It allowed me to continue to teach and enjoy the families I worked with but also spend LOTS more time with my own family.

But now here I am, spending my last baby to kindergarten. As heart wrenching as that is, it is opening a few doors I had previously closed. When my previous landlord called and told me my old space had become available, I knew it was a sign of amazing things to come. It was barely a decision and more of a jump-head-first!

I am so excited about what this space will bring to Lily Pad Lab and all the families that come to enjoy our classes. I’m excited to continue to support families and also bring new opportunities to our community.

I’m humbled by all the support from Lily Pad Lab families through all of our growing pains. You have continued to show up for classes not knowing what all these changes would mean for your kiddos and you have always been so supportive of my personal decisions for my family. I’m excited to now be able to focus on your families and offering classes and programming that are best for you!

Welcome to the NEW (OLD) Lily Pad Lab! Thank you for taking this ride with us!

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