• Vanessa Moessner

Finding a mom tribe

Can I tell you another story?

My husband and I moved back to the Chippewa Valley after living in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. My husband grew up here and we both went to college here and when we wanted to start a family this is where we wanted to be.

We lived in the area for about a year before I became pregnant with our first child. I worked part-time and had made a few friends, none with families. I didn’t realize just how lost I would be without a support system as I was heading into a huge life change.

We had one beautiful baby and then a second 12 months later (I’ll tell you that story later). I was a new stay-at-home mom with two babies and no mom friends – yikes!

When my oldest was 3, I enrolled him in a 3yr old preschool program and it changed all our lives!

I remember the day very clearly! A woman who I had met briefly in the halls at preschool announced to the crowd of moms that she was organizing a mom’s group on Friday mornings. She had a babysitter for the kids who might be there and a room for the moms to sit, relax and chat. It sounded wonderful, but as an introvert, something that was hard for me to do. I was brave enough to show up and from that first day, I knew I had found my tribe! These women did so much for me and became the support system I needed. I had our third child and the love and support they gave me through the pregnancy and through the new born stage was so incredible and being a mom became so much more enjoyable! As our kids grew and changed so did our friendships and these women are still some of my most treasured friends!

I am so grateful to have been invited to that mom’s group and wish with all my heart each and every mom finds their tribe.

But it seems hard and awkward to make mom friends……

Because I was given the gift of a mom tribe I would love to help other moms find theirs!

Our First Friendships class is just that! Moms can come and relax, meet other moms, find support or give support, and develop some of those first friendships that are so important for babies and moms!

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